Welcome to Grayman Operators Pistol & Rifle Organization  AKA G.O.P.R.O.

I chose Grayman because a Grayman is person who blends into any scene without standing out, concealing their skills and qualities. Utilizing the element of surprise.


We are a group of people who believe in freedom, and that we all have the right to safety and self defense. The 2nd amendment was designed to ensure that we have the ability to protect the other amendments from ANYONE who would seek to take those freedoms from us.

Our goal here is to educate our members, families, friends, and communities in the art of safe firearm ownership. With much power comes........well we all know the rest. Many people are just afraid of firearms because of how they are portrayed in the media for the political agenda of certain candidates on both sides. Firearms are simply tools. The use of the tool is up to the operator. The problems that we have are with bad or sick people not with hunks of metal, polymer, and wood. 


1.we are not a hate group. Anyone willing to learn firearm safety and operate within our safe and legal guidelines is welcome to join.

2.we are not a malitia.

3.we are not politically motivated.

4.we do not discriminate on the grounds of race, creed(or lack of religion), color, shade of color, disability, age, sex, gender or lack thereof.